5 ways to be a good boy friend episode 2

1 Make romantic gestures. Whether it is surprising her by cooking her favorite
dinner or sending her flowers at work, small gestures like these show your girlfriend that she is on your mind and that you care for her.

2 Compliment her. Every woman needs to be reminded of how beautiful, smart, funny, or interesting she is. Don’t stop complimenting her just because you have “won her over” and are already in a committed relationship. Do it because you mean it, and because it will make her feel more confident and loved.

3 Be open about sex. Maintaining a healthy sex life will help keep the relationship alive. If you are worried that the sex is getting boring or that your girlfriend is unsatisfied with the sex, then maturely bring up the subject with her.

*.While this may feel awkward or difficult at first, it will be well worth it in the long run if it improves your sex life!

*.Wait for the appropriate moment. Don’t bring up the issue in public, in front of other people, or in a joking manner. Joking about the topic might make your girlfriend feel embarrassed or insecure.

4 Learn to know when something is wrong. The following are signs that your relationship is suffering:

*.You are fighting more than usual.

*.She hasn’t contacted you in several days.

*.Either one of you has totally lost interest in sex. (Remember that this could be due to a variety of factors, like a death in the family, personal insecurities, or excess stress).

*.She continuously cancels plans without suggesting a different date.

*.One of you has been dating/sleeping with somebody else.

*.One of you suggests a “break.” No matter what either of you says, a break is usually just a segue into an official break-up.

*.Either one of you has become physically abusive.If this is the case, then it’s time to end the relationship and seek professional help to cope with the issue. Never make an excuse for domestic violence.

5 Talk about the issue with your girlfriend. The only way to fix a problem in any relationship is for both parties to first be made aware of the issue. Remember that sometimes people are totally unaware of their own behavior.

Reach a compromise. Once you have talked about the issue at hand and have both voiced your views and opinions, come to an agreement about what to do next. Come up with something that both parties can get on board with and feel comfortable with.

*.If you can’t reach an agreement, then consider couples therapy. Getting the opinion of a third party will help put things in perspective and allow you to rationally sort of the issue from an objective standpoint.

*.Know when the relationship can’t be fixed. If you or your girlfriend are chronically unhappy in the relationship, then don’t force things. Making healthy compromises to keep a relationship alive is one thing, but making yourself miserable to maintain the status quo will not do either of you any good.

Be patient. Some issues just need a little time to blow over. If you recently had a big fight, give each other space for a day or two. Chances are that the issue will resolve itself, and being apart will remind you both how much you care for one another.

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